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Jennifer Henry,

dr jean joh


Jennifer has been a dental hygienist since 2005. She is passionate about making sure patients have thorough but gentle care, making the dental experience as comfortable as possible for each patient. Jennifer understands the importance of treating the whole person, recognizing the systemic link between dental and periodontal problems and how they can correlate with all over body health.  

Jennifer is a member of the Nation’s Capital Dental Study Club, which helps her keep up to date on the newest dental information available. She applies and shares that information with her patients in order to bring each individual patient to optimal health. 

In her free time, Jennifer enjoys hiking, yoga, and trying new restaurants. She loves spending time with family, friends and her dog Buddy.


 Leanne Wiggins,
Office Manager


Leanne’s love and dedication to dental care began over 30 years ago. She has worked in dental offices in Illinois, North Carolina, Michigan and now Washington, DC. Leanne began her journey in dentistry as a Registered Dental Assistant and is currently the dental administrator at DC Dental Care working with Dr. Jean Joh. Leanne has been employed at DC Dental Care for the last 18 years and worked with Dr. Joel Nevins until his recent retirement. 

The patients at DC Dental Care always comment on Leanne’s positive attitude and smile as they enter and leave the office. They say she smiles so much that she probably never has a bad day. Leanne has built personal relationships with many of the patients while maintaining a professional, yet welcoming atmosphere. Dentist offices are already met with trepidation from most people so Leanne makes sure to comfort and encourage them during their visits here at DC Dental Care.

Leanne is an advocate for our patients when it comes to insurance and treatment. Care for their smiles is her passion. Aside from dentistry, the joys of Leanne’s life are her three beautiful adult children and four awesome grandchildren. She also enjoys traveling from time to time.

Leanne looks forward to building great relationships and even greater smiles. 

Leanne’s motto: “Remember your smile is important to US!”